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Following back is for fools…

Our nonexistent readership may or may not have noticed that the site hasn’t been updated in months. I can’t speak for the others who post here, but for my part, my absence is due to focusing what little productivity I have on writing another book. (See my stuff here.) While I haven’t been able to … Continue reading

Useless statistic of the day

Today twitter user @Uberfacts tweeted “In 2002, the average user spent 46 minutes on the Internet a day – In 2012, the average user spent 4 hours on the Internet everyday.” It seems like an interesting statistic on the surface, especially given the implication — intentional or otherwise — that the Internet is slowly and … Continue reading

The term “reverse racism” is racist.

Lately, white people have been throwing around the term “reverse racism” in reference to the current climate in which white privilege is finally beginning to be acknowledged and addressed openly in pop culture. I’ll leave the larger topic of whether or not white people have a right to be offended when someone confronts them about … Continue reading

GTA Online adds “Mental State” stat to police the un-policeable

Since its launch, the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V has been plagued by bugs and complaints. With each new free update, Rockstar games has tried to fix old problems while introducing enough new content to keep players interested. Today saw the release of a new update called “The High Life.” The update adds … Continue reading

Since when is being a mom not a real job?

On the eve of Mother’s Day, with no warning whatsoever, Instagram deleted my wife’s account because someone reported her for sharing photos of the natural act of breastfeeding (which, importantly, included no nudity). My wife’s Instagram account was an investment of over three years of her life, and represents the space in which she documented … Continue reading

“An historic” makes you look like a tool

I would like to quickly address the habit some people (usually intellectuals) have of saying “an historic” instead of “a historic.” Let me be clear. For the purposes of this post, I am NOT referring to people who use “an historic” in writing (though I could do without that as well), nor am I referring … Continue reading

How to fight writer’s block with GarageBand

I recently published my fourth e-book, a choose-your-own-adventure style story called Death by Halloween. As my self-imposed deadline of mid-late October began to loom, I was forced to dedicate most of my waking hours to sitting in front of the computer, struggling to put words on a page. During this period, I used several little … Continue reading

GoldieBlox and the actually-still-pretty-sexist toys

These past few days, it seems like no one can shut up about GoldieBlox, the company that specializes in making “building toys for girls.” Their most recent ad — which features a group of young girls constructing a massive Rube Goldberg machine while a parody of the Beastie Boys song, “Girls,” plays in the background … Continue reading

Death by Halloween

It is the last day of October, a day that used to be your favourite of the year. As a child, you counted down the days to Halloween, thrilled at the prospect of venturing out into the night in a monster’s clothing and returning with a sack stuffed full with candy. As you grew through … Continue reading

Morozov, you delightful troll!

Evgeny Morozov has emerged as a penetrating and engaged critic of Internetism, a ruthless, trollesque critic ensconced in the history of philosophy of technology, unlike many of those he attacks. With essays that spew a vitriol than nearly undermine his arguments, he has staked out a lonely, important role as perhaps the premiere antagonist to … Continue reading