Tao 11

The potter knows she plays with clay but works with space, for the use of the bowl is its empty space. It is the same with the room: made whole by the emptiness between the walls. Remember: Something is not everything. Nothing is also essential. All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao Te … Continue reading

Tao 10

Can you reconcile your own being with that which is? Can you engage in the moment without preconceived notions, embracing the purity and potential of a newborn? Can any one hold the full and correct view? Can you cultivate virtue without imposition? Can you bear the flow of life and death as a gift rather … Continue reading

Tao 9

Fill it too much and it will burst. Sharpening it too much will wear it down to nothing. Hoarding material possessions will draw thieves to your door. Placing great value on wealth status drains value from yourself: Problems ensue. Doing what must be done and nothing more is the way of Tao. All 81 chapters … Continue reading

Tao 8

Water teaches the wisdom of Tao: It takes no pride in sustaining life. Live near the flow. Let the mysteries of life wash over you. Be transparent. Give part of yourself to everyone, and remember every part is whole. Allow natural order to lead the way and do what must be done. Do not fight … Continue reading

Tao 7

Note: A video version of this translation can be found here. Think of the dirt beneath your feet and the skies above. Do they give any thought to death? Of course not. What one does not have cannot be taken away. Therefore the sage: pays no mind to status or rank, and so is always … Continue reading