The spectrum of belief

Few debates rage with more fury than that which goes on between theists and atheists. Both groups seem to view each other as being at exact opposite ends of a spectrum and therefore as far from each other as any two things could be. What is often forgotten (or never thought of in the first … Continue reading

Tao 15

The ancients’ ancients were simultaneously intriguing, distant, practical and wise. So far removed are we from them that they can never be totally known to us. Even so, there is much that can be learned from how they seemed to be. Aware of every step, like one who knows that the ground may give out. … Continue reading

Tao 14

What we cannot see, we call invisible. What we cannot hear, we call silent. What we cannot come into contact with, we call untouchable. These things, which seem like an absence, are simply three ways of sensing the unknowable Tao. We are no more enlightened by its presence than we are left in darkness by … Continue reading

Jesus would shiver…

By Dave (So if you’re going to complain, complain to me directly) I recently had the privilege of taking a short look through the rare book room at the local university library. During this all-too-brief perusal of the fair-sized collection of musty tomes, I only had the opportunity to leaf through a few of them. … Continue reading

The Decline of the Institution?

Institutions are currently a dominant way of human social organization. Governments, corporations, religions, educational systems and more(!) are, for the most part, based on the top-down, hierarchical, pyramidal structure, with power centralized at the top. There seem to be some advantages to using the institutional model, but as technology increases the ability for individuals to … Continue reading

Tao 13

Prestige, wealth and rank cause anxiety and unhappiness, for what we have, we fear to lose. These things are like the self: sources of personal obsession and worry. Misfortune and disgrace are inevitable. In accepting this, the sage is unaffected. It is only by loving all existence as you would love yourself that you can … Continue reading

The Tortoise and the Hare

By Dave One day, when he was feeling especially energetic and spry, the hare decided that he would like to put his speed on display. Gathering the creatures of the forest together on the well-trodden path that led through the trees, he announced his intention to prove his athletic ability in a competitive foot-race. “The … Continue reading

G20 Brutality and Football

During the protests of the G20 summit in Toronto, this video was captured by a concerned citizen. The video shows a large group of seemingly peaceful protesters singing the Canadian national anthem as a large group of uniformed riot police look on. As soon as the song is finished, the police rush the crowd. If … Continue reading

Tao 12

Trying to see all the colours at once, you will end up seeing none at all. Trying to hear all the tones together, you will hear only dischord. Trying to do everything at once, you will accomplish nothing. Trying to taste every flavour will leave you with a belly-ache. Maintain your needs, release your desires. … Continue reading

Long live the king

For the first time in 7 years, Roger Federer will not be in the Wimbledon final. Over this long reign, we have had the fortune of glimpsing the sublime. Is it over? The king metaphor is a really good one actually, for His miraculous display of dominion over an otherwise ordinary green ball is nothing … Continue reading