Long live the king

For the first time in 7 years, Roger Federer will not be in the Wimbledon final.

Over this long reign, we have had the fortune of glimpsing the sublime. Is it over? The king metaphor is a really good one actually, for His miraculous display of dominion over an otherwise ordinary green ball is nothing less than by divine right. Of course we knew it couldn’t go on forever, but I always hoped for just one more year. Long live the king, or not. Hasn’t there always been a usurper on the British throne anyways?

For all the fabulous things Roger Federer did, the one I might be most grateful for is inspiring this.

Just like Federer might always find the perfect shot,

… so David Foster Wallace never lacks the perfect word, an accuracy that parallels his tennis hero in the article above. Were Wallace forced to work as Federer did above, any return on my part would first depend on scrambling for the dictionary, or at least this. And in inspiring Wallace to lend his pen to a rare portrait of sport that embraces aesthetic and foresakes the faux professionalism that marks so much modern sports journalism, Federer adds just another accomplishment to his enviable list.


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