Tao 15

The ancients’ ancients were simultaneously intriguing, distant, practical and wise.

So far removed are we from them that they can never be totally known to us.
Even so, there is much that can be learned from how they seemed to be.

Aware of every step,
like one who knows that the ground may give out.

like a guest of this world.

Firm, yet yielding,
like ice on the verge of melting.

like the uncarved block.

with vast potential.

like muddy water with mystery below the surface.

Can you wait until the mud settles and the way becomes clear?
Can you be patient enough to hold off acting until you are ready?

Cultivate Tao in life and so from life desires will fade.

All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao Te Ching are available online for free here. If you are so inclined, an updated version of our translation is available as an e-book, here.


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