Tao 18

If you Carve Tao in stone, it will no longer move with the fluctuating world If you treat knowledge as a possession or a vanity, it will go to waste in your mind. If you include only close family in your embrace, you leave the rest of the world outside your circle. If the laws … Continue reading

We humans are capable of greatness

Beautiful music, stunning photography, and far-sighted wisdom from a hopeful Carl Sagan.  Take a deep breath.  The next 3:10 are worth it.

The Big Picture

I’ve posted a video below of Conor Oberst (of the band Bright Eyes) performing his song The Big Picture. Admittedly, my longtime connection to this song may have something to do with my slightly altered state of mind at the time I first heard it. As such, I can’t expect everyone to have the same … Continue reading

Nuclear bombs detonated, 1945 – 1998.

I thought this was kind of an interesting way to examine the history of nuclear arms. It’s an animated map that shows, in chronological order, the detonation of nuclear bombs from 1945 – 1998.  The weird black and white image above, by the way, is of Trinity–the first nuclear weapons test of an atomic bomb, … Continue reading

Tao 17

Someone's in for a treat.

Beneath the cycles of civilization lies the eternal perfection of Tao. The best rulers attempt to let this natural order shine through. The next best are loved and praised, interfering for the good of the people. The next are feared for punishing those that deviate from the acceptable. The worst are loathed and unheeded, as … Continue reading

A Brief History of the Mind

The eternal mother hanging at the edge of time.

Somewhere very near the middle of this preface to a neat book, “A Brief History of the Mind” is the following terrific summary of how human consciousness differs from other species on Earth. “We tend to see ourselves as the narrator of a life story, always situated at a crossroads between past and future, swimming … Continue reading

In the spirit of contemplating the internet…A link for you!

As the future of the internet goes, so goes the future of humanity.  The internet and world-wide web, which I admit I only recently learned are not exactly synonymous, affect society in many profound ways, not only providing certain conveniences and luxuries to individual people but also shaping discourses and spreading information en masse.  As … Continue reading

Darkness and mysterious depth in the Tao

The idea of indiscernability is one of the central themes in the Tao Te Ching.  It is veiled in a Taoist mysticism, expressed in terms like darkness, depth, and mystery.   However, across the cultural gap, these terms can sometimes be mistaken for implying evil, or a brooding anxiety that can sometimes accompany uncertainty.  This is … Continue reading

Tao 16

Seek the reality of emptiness and stillness, The great constants of existence. Though life abounds, its creations rise and fall. Eventually all return, in their own way, to Tao. To return to Tao is to embrace stillness, The relentless way of nature. The flow of nature does not change. To see its constancy is to … Continue reading