In the spirit of contemplating the internet…A link for you!

As the future of the internet goes, so goes the future of humanity.  The internet and world-wide web, which I admit I only recently learned are not exactly synonymous, affect society in many profound ways, not only providing certain conveniences and luxuries to individual people but also shaping discourses and spreading information en masse.  As reliant as our society has become on the internet to get day-to-day things done, our future with the internet will become still more intimate.  We’re starting to see more and more things that are, or will soon be, connected online–household appliances, motorized vehicles, the electric grid.  And there’s no ceiling to this list either!  Potentially anything, given sufficient technological developments and scientific understanding, will be able to be connected via this electronic network.  This is why it’s so important to think about the internet.  As decisions are currently being made on how the internet will operate, we are literally shaping the future environment where we all will reside.  And so, in the spirit of contemplating the internet, I offer you this initial morsel, with more to come, in the form of a TED talk on (meaning both “regarding” and “via”) the World-Wide Web:

Kevin Kelly notes that the Web is a mere 5000 days old (as of 2007) and looks toward the next 5000 days.


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