The self-organizing system: An example

At a very blatant level, a level of details and specifics and focus, this video is about an innovative new way of education.  At a broader level h0wever, one that is concerned with looking for grand, over-arching patterns, the ideas here give insight into the potential for self-organizing systems.

Sugata Mitra shows by example a scenario where education is allowed to be a self-organizing system, with learning as the emergent property.  He describes a self-organizing system as “one where the system structure appears without explicit intervention from outside the system.”  The idea of a self-organizing system beautifully contrasts the hierarchically-structured, institution-based model, where the system’s structure is imposed from the top down.  What’s inspiring is that if the centralized power so prevalent in educational systems can become much more dispersed, perhaps the same could be said for the many other institutions that currently dominate our societal landscape.


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