Us Now

As we tend to mention on this site quite frequently, modern communications are altering our ways of life in a variety of incredible ways.

One thing we always try to focus on when we talk about this stuff is how new all this stuff is. In the grand scheme of things, all this wonderful, technological stuff (the internet, iPhones, lap-tops, etc.) is brand new.

We’ve all felt our lives change with the arrival of these new technologies, but the changes we’ve felt so far are minuscule compared to what is surely to come.

This documentary, called Us Now is a fascinating examination of some of the ways in which these new ways of interacting with each other are shaping the world we live in.

You have to go to the web-site to view the whole movie, but here’s a short clip to hopefully get you interested:

Make no mistake, this is important stuff. When we talk about how hard it is to change the world, we are generally referring to the inability of the existing institutions and systems of the world to change. But the world is changing, regardless, and while many of our economic and governmental structures seem unable to cope with these changes, the internet seems to have no problem at all. In fact, the process of millions of people using their computers to connect to each other across borders every day seems to create new innovations in interaction at an alarming rate.

We highly recommend you watch this film.


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