Tao 22

Submit and transcend,
And divergence becomes patterned,
Empty becomes potential,
Used becomes renewed,
Basic becomes foundation,
Complexity becomes confusion.

The sage embraces what is rather than what should be
and we would do well to mimic this.
We see their wisdom
though they do not display it.
We respect them
without them having to tell us why.
They suffer no grand failures
because they make no grand claims..
They are not defeated
because they do not fight.

The ancients say submit and transcend
And these are no empty words.
To be whole is to be what you are, and nothing more.
And only from the whole can understanding begin.

All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao Te Ching are available online for free here. If you are so inclined, an updated version of our translation is available as an e-book, here.


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