Tao 27

A good traveller follows old paths. A good speaker needs no dictionary. A good actuary needs no calculator. A good separation will not require locked doors to maintain it. A good union will not require ropes or knots to maintain it. These are the lessons of the sage, who teaches all, rejecting no one. Teacher … Continue reading

Tao 26

In the presence of Tao, Human life seems insignificant. Still, the traveler should mind his possessions. In the madness of the world, It is easy to lose focus. Still, the traveler should stay pointed in the right direction. Do not take your worldly responsibilities lightly. To lose sight of the world is to fall from … Continue reading

Beauty and Ugliness in the Tao Te Ching: A Note on the Translation of Tao 2

Our process of translation and interpretation tends to involve a series of three-way e-mails within which we come to terms with each chapter. The following is an excerpt from the discussion of Chapter 2 (Please forgive minor imperfections. It is, after all, an e-mail.): First off, let’s just discard my nonsensical first lines: “The whole … Continue reading

Tao 25

There is a thing of which we only have a notion. Complete and unchanging, it is the foundation on which the universe is manifested. Its constancy anchors the ever changing flow of matter and energy. Often over-looked, it encompasses all things and all time; Like an eternal mother birthing ceaseless change. Words are but inadequate … Continue reading

Tao 24

On tiptoes is no way to stand tall. Walking over others is no way to get ahead. Showing off is no way to shine. Self-righteousness is no way to respect. Boasting is no way to achievement. Complacency is no way to endure. Minimalism is the way of Tao. Too much food, Too much interference, Leads … Continue reading

On cats and their food

When I first bring home my cat and  start feeding her, of course, she eats. She eats because it smells appealing. Her sniffer makes her want to eat it. Then, of course, she eats it and enjoys herself. She enjoys herself because the feeling of discomfort that her hungry body was sending her has stopped … Continue reading

Kevin Kelly and Steven Johnson on where ideas come from.

Despite instances of knowledge being ignored or suppressed, we are a society that wants to appreciate good ideas.  While individual genius is often given credit for monumental changes in understanding, the reality is that novel ideas are born from environments consisting of networks of pre-existing ideas.  From this perspective, it’s no coincidence that like-minded ideas … Continue reading

Tao 23

To speak constantly is unnatural. Rains fall and sun shines, but neither can last forever. Let us learn from this. To be whole is to: Be at one with the movements of Tao. Be at one with gain. Be at one with loss. Accept and be accepted. All 81 chapters of our version of the … Continue reading