The Debate over Wikileaks

With the most recent release of documents by Wikileaks, a wealth of cables between American embassies across the globe and the State Department, the limits of freedom of expression within the Western World, and in particular in the USA, are being put to the test. Here is a fairly recent interview with Julian Assange, defending … Continue reading

Tao 31

Good weapons bring bad things And so they are loathed. The followers of the Tao do not use them unless they absolutely must. They honour peace in life and at home. And honour violence, if they must, at war. For weapons are tools of war Not instruments of peace, To be used only when compelled … Continue reading

Tao 30

When people must be influenced, It is best to avoid force. To wield the rifle takes two hands, And marks the bearer as a target for the oppressed. This leads inevitably to larger conflict, Which leaves tasks undone and pockets empty. Do what must be done And let this essential nature be its own glory. … Continue reading

How Cats Keep Evil Spirits Away

I’ve always found the legends and mythologies surrounding cats to be quite interesting. Some cultures believe that they rule the underworld. Some believe they steal your breath while you sleep. Still others believe it is a bad omen for a black cat to cross your path. The most interesting to me is the rumour that they … Continue reading

Tao 29

By taking control of the universe, would it be improved? The universe is its own and no one can better it. It’s complexity is deep–unimaginable. It cannot be harnessed. Try to manipulate it and it will eventually spoil. Try to keep it and it will eventually slip away. Sometimes tension, sometimes ease; Sometimes sickness, sometimes … Continue reading

Richard Feynman and our changing understanding of the universe.

I suppose it’s obvious to say, but the thing that makes the universe so interesting is all the unknown.   As our set of human knowledge broadens and becomes more intricate, the leading edges of it’s expanding border are a place of excitement. A while back, I bookmarked a youtube clip of physicist Richard Feynman … Continue reading

Tao 28

In living according to the virtue of Te, consider the following: Know strength, tempered with respect for life, and so channel the spirit of the world. Te endures, returned to infancy. Know truth, as determined by falsity, and see the world unfolding from itself. Te remains, a glimpse of the infinite. Know honour, as it … Continue reading