Tao 39

It is wholeness that makes The sky clear, The earth stable, And the riverside fertile. If this balance is lost to dearth or excess the sky might rage with storms, the earth might quake and split, the river might dry up or flood its banks. It is the same with leaders. One displays true leadership … Continue reading

What are the Myriad Creatures?

Depending on what translation of the Tao Te Ching you are first exposed to, you may be confused early on by the term “myriad creatures.” In the three different translations from which we at Nothing Just Is work from, this term appears as: “myriad creatures”, “the ten thousand things”, and “all beings.” The definition of … Continue reading

Tao 38

Action is not virtuous when performed for the sake of virtue. True virtue does not exist when trying to be virtuous. When one displays true virtue, there is no thought of virtue. There exists wholeness in virtue itself, and an absence of incompleteness. When one displays hollow virtue, virtue is at the forefront of one’s … Continue reading

Tao 37

It is possible for the myriad creatures to transform naturally, of their own accord. It is possible for the myriad creatures to embrace their selves. The way is stillness. If only lords and princes understood this and so practiced non-action. Without a return to the simplicity of the uncarved block, there is no overcoming of … Continue reading

Tao 36

To see Tao is to see a movement To shrink something must first expand. To fail something must first be trusted. To fall something must first be built. To end something must first begin. Perceive and see Tao, the way of things beneath their names. In this movement, soft and weak not only overcome, But … Continue reading

How Engineers Learn from Evolution

One of the objectives of The Ever-Blurring Divide is to show examples of a larger trend in which technologies are increasingly being modeled after aspects of nature. At the time of posting, this talk, given by Robert Full, was already several years old and the technologies demonstrated had been replaced by newer generations. Nevertheless, I … Continue reading

Another Meaning of God

I was recently reading up on Hinduism (something which I know embarrassingly little about) and stumbled upon some great information that now necessitates a slight addition to the Nothing Just Is definition of God. Given that my understanding of Hinduism was limited to the knowledge that it celebrates many different gods, I was surprised to … Continue reading

Happy New Year: Chapter 2 of our Video tao

Due to the gloriously time-consuming nature of the holiday season, our regular text translation has been postponed until next Sunday. In its place, we submit what we hope is a sufficient alternative. Below is our followup to the fairly unpopular video translation of Tao Chapter 1. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel (subscribe!). … Continue reading