Tao 43

Soft overcomes hard. Even the strongest walls cannot repel the undefined. It isn’t something, it just is And this speaks for itself. From this I learn the value of non-action: Teach without words, Work without doing. Simple values understood by few. All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao Te Ching are available online … Continue reading

Tao 42

Tao is one: Whole and unified. Our imperfect perceptions tend to segment it Into two, as with yin and yang; Into three, as with the primary colours; Into four as with the fundamental forces; Into a multitude of seemingly separate manifestations As with the myriad creatures. Harmony comes when we see past this segmentation to … Continue reading

The Birth of Consciousness? (A Jaynesian Interpretation of a Troublesome Memory)

Featured image “Birth of Consciousness” courtesy of Bob Siddoway (see more of his great work here) I have an extremely vivid memory from when I was a child. I had been put to bed, and was waiting to fall asleep. My bedroom door was open (I was afraid of the dark) and through it I … Continue reading

Tao 41

With deeper comprehension of Tao One strives to be constantly aligned. With mere intrigue of Tao One catches glimpses now and again. With not the slightest concept of Tao One ridicules the absurdity of the notion. All this makes the whole. Lacking even one part, Tao would not be as it is. And so: The … Continue reading

Tao 40

The way is both a journey that ends in return And a submission to this simple truth. The myriad creatures exist this way, From non-being to being and back infinitely. All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao Te Ching are available online for free here. If you are so inclined, an updated version … Continue reading