Tao 47

The infinitely large and infinitely small share the same essence. Grand patterns reflect in the tiniest detail. Enormity contained by the infinitesimal. Therefore, the journey of knowing the universe requires no travel. One can begin to know without searching. One can begin to do without trying. One can begin to work without effort. This is … Continue reading

Tao 46

Should Tao ever prevail as a form of governance, Order will emerge as a product of our natural inclinations. So long as Tao does not prevail, Order is premised on coercion. The challenge to Taoist governance is ambition. No greater threat than desire, No greater misfortune than discontent, No greater calamity than wanting and taking … Continue reading

Music and Neurons

The embedded video is inspiring for many reasons, most of which will become apparent on viewing. What is so incredible to me is how a musician (Bobby McFerrin) could go to a conference aimed primarily at scientists and blow every mind in the room with such a simple demonstration. I defy anyone to watch it … Continue reading

Tao 45

True perfection seems unfinished, Yet it will live to see all worldly attempts fade to dust. True fullness seems empty, yet any vessel we might fill will run dry before it does. True straightness seems crooked, but the best route through the mountains has many twists and turns. True intelligence seems stupid to those who … Continue reading

Tao 44

Your image or your being: What is most treasured? Your being or your acquisitions: Where lies true value? Loss or gain: Which is more damaging? Extreme attachment is the foundation for extreme anguish. Acquiring in excess is building for great loss. Find contentment from within. Be aware of how you affect your surroundings. Allow freedom … Continue reading