Tao 51

The myriad creatures are Formed of matter, Shaped by circumstance, Nurtured by Te. Beneath all this, Tao is the ultimate source. This is why Tao is revered and Te honoured: Not because respect is demanded, But because it is inspired. Tao creates without possessing. Te maintains without expectation. This is original virtue, Which all human-made … Continue reading

Tao 50

From life to death to life to death… That which is alive is made of mere atoms. That which is dead is also mere atoms. Human life, proceeding through death, is no exception. What then is it that makes one alive? It could be said that One who has mastered life Faces no danger; Needs … Continue reading

Tao 49

The Sage has no constant pulse. The blood of ordinary people flows through its veins. I respect people. Good and not-good people alike. In being good to others, I’m good to myself, So walking the virtuous path. I have faith in people. Trustworthy and untrustworty people alike. I trust others to trust myself. So keeping … Continue reading

Tao 48

Knowledge is acquired. Tao is accepted. Come to know loss: Lose yourself, Lose the world, Lose everything. Accept this loss, and you have everything. Let the world move, And you will move with it. Try to grasp it, And it will leave you behind. All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao Te Ching … Continue reading

World Wide Mind

Michael Chorost is a technology theorist with an unusual perspective: his body is the future. In 2001 he went completely deaf and had a computer implanted in his head to let him hear again. This transformative experience inspired his first book, Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human, in which he wrote about … Continue reading