Tao 56

To understand is to experience what words cannot describe. To describe with words is inadequate to understanding. Fill the gaps. Simplify complexity. Moderate extremity. Move toward a state of high entropy. This is ultimate unity. It cannot be surrounded or separated. It cannot be enhanced or hindered. It cannot be lauded or condemned. Ever changing, … Continue reading

Tao 55

Embrace Te just as a new born baby does. A baby at the sovereign’s court is not: Stung by poisonous rumours and treachery, Pounced on by ambitious rivals, Or attacked by predatory Princes. Weak arms and soft muscle seem to make the baby vulnerable But is the baby wrapped around fingers Or are fingers caught … Continue reading

I Will Sell You The Wire

I highly suggest that you commit 60 hours of your life to watching the HBO series, The Wire, which ran from 2002 to 2008. The Wire is perfect, “perfect” being a term I almost never use. It is a fairly hard show to properly describe, since the easiest explanations do nothing to convey the brilliant … Continue reading

Tao 54

If you care for something, it will thrive. Others will follow your example. A virtuous world Is made up of virtuous countries. A virtuous country Is made up of virtuous communities. A virtuous community Is made up of virtuous families. A virtuous family Is made up of virtuous selves. See each of these entities on … Continue reading

Tao 53

Following the path of Tao does not require extraordinary intelligence, But be wary of straying from it. To follow the path requires little effort, Yet it is common to be diverted from it. Governance and justice are purchased by a relatively few As the most powerful in society bathe themselves in disproportionate wealth. Poverty, famine … Continue reading

Tao 52

If the big bang is the beginning of the universe, What is is derived from it. To know the source is to know all it has begotten. Knowing all things come from something,  return to the source. Submit to death as but part of the continuation of life. To see the small as part of … Continue reading