Tao 60

Governing a group of people is like cultivating a delicate plant That could wilt at the slightest touch. Any attempt to mould or shape a person Leaves bruises and sores. Thus, if you would have an effect on the world, Do not attempt to do so. Allow things to flow naturally, And evil will have … Continue reading

Tao 59

To live as an example for others and be in accordance with Tao Is to be least invasive, exerting one’s will minimally, without thought of self. This is what it means to be Virtuous. A Virtuous society holds the potential to work out any problem. With time, nothing is impossible. A Virtuous person can guide … Continue reading

Tao 58

The more a government enforces its vision of the country upon its people The less able its people are to be true to themselves. When order is born of force The government has lost its legitimacy. If there is no natural harmony Honesty becomes dishonest, Truth becomes surreal, The good becomes a monstrosity, And the … Continue reading

Tao 57

On a battlefield, craftiness is ideal. In a government, honesty is ideal. If you would see the world moving in harmony with Tao, Neither battles nor governments are ideal. Why do I say this? Consider the following: Weapons can only destroy. More advanced weapons only yield more grotesque destruction. Restrictions do naught but deprive. Each … Continue reading