Tao 59

To live as an example for others and be in accordance with Tao
Is to be least invasive, exerting one’s will minimally, without thought of self.
This is what it means to be Virtuous.

A Virtuous society holds the potential to work out any problem. With time, nothing is impossible.

A Virtuous person can guide people toward Virtue.
So forth, Virtuous people can become a Virtuous society.
A Virtuous society cultivates a cycle of Virtue
And so has a stable foundation.

A Virtuous society does not carry the seeds of its own demise.
It has the potential to endure.

All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao Te Ching are available online for free here. If you are so inclined, an updated version of our translation is available as an e-book, here.


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