Tao 64

Apologies for repeating the image, but the blog template butchered the formatting. Behold: It’s easy to cultivate what is rooted, Easy to plan for the future, It’s easy to break what is brittle, Easy to scatter things strong and little. Prevent trouble before it requires action, Straighten things before the disorder sets in. If you … Continue reading

“…when it’s not your turn.”

Note: These posts are not meant to be plot summaries, but commentaries (for a more in-depth description of what we’re aiming at, go here: The Wire). While we will make every effort to avoid including spoilers about later episodes, do not read this post unless you have watched the episode we are discussing. Snot Boogie … Continue reading

Tao 63

Minimize actions. Do not complicate. Enjoy simplicity. Look for the small in the big. Split the ominous few into a manageable many. Elaborate tasks are composed of many discreet actions. A long journey is but a series of individual steps. The great marvels of the universe are but the sum of simple processes. And so … Continue reading

Tao 62

Tao is the unknowable fundamental of the universe. Follow its current; it is your source of joy and wonder. Fight against it; it is your refuge. Eloquent words and admirable deeds yield profit, But those lacking such things, do they not come from Tao as well? Your greatest gift is to be a conduit for … Continue reading

The Sound of Silence

Silence, true silence, is not something that we often hear. On the few occasions in which I have been confronted by it, it felt like exactly that: a confrontation. In my experience, pure silence does not manifest itself in human awareness as the mere absence of something, but as an oppressive presence unto itself, a … Continue reading

Tao 61

The ideal polity collects where rivers empty at the bottom of the world From this place emanates a powerful stillness: the female. Through stillness the female. Overcomes the ambitions of man. Yet, the female does so by yielding the high place. The path to lasting conquest is yielding. Therefore the large nation yields to the … Continue reading

Quiet Dog, Bite Hard… (I will sell you Mos Def)

As embarrassing as it is to acknowledge my extreme fondness for Mos Def after Stuff White People Like exposed just how typical such a fondness is in white folk like myself, I would nevertheless like to bellow the virtue of the man, using as my example one of his songs in particular. Embedded below are … Continue reading