Tao 67

The whole world agrees: Tao is inexhaustible,
Unique and beyond compare.
This uniqueness makes it great.
If it were not inexhaustible
It would have long ago disappeared.

I offer three values that harness the power of Tao:
Compassion, frugality and humility.

Compassion hatches courage.
Frugality breeds generosity.
Humility cultivates leadership.

These days,
Compassion is ridiculed as weakness though people still try to be brave.
Frugality is abandoned for lavishness yet people still try to be generous.
Humility is satired as self-righteousness and so leadership falls into disrepute.

This is sure to end in collapse.

Compassion taps into the inexhaustible source:
Bringing victory in battle
And reserve strength to uphold the values of Tao
In the midst of their defacement.

It is the way by which heaven
Defends those who abide by it.

All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao Te Ching are available online for free here. If you are so inclined, an updated version of our translation is available as an e-book, here.


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