Tao 71

To be aware of what you do not know is to your benefit. Not to be aware will lead to difficulty. Knowledge of non-knowledge is strength. Be aware of non-knowledge and difficulty will not affect you. All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao Te Ching are available online for free here. If you … Continue reading

Tao 70

Lao Tzu’s teachings are clear and easy to live by. Yet few in the world understand or live by them. His words have ancient roots That sprout from disciplined action. So long as these are unknown, So too is the value of Lao Tzu’s teachings. This can make it difficult to discern Who understands Lao … Continue reading

“Thin line ‘tween heaven and here.”

Note: These posts are not meant to be plot summaries, but commentaries (for a more in-depth description of what we’re aiming at, go here: The Wire). While we will make every effort to avoid including spoilers about later episodes, do not read this post unless you have watched the episode we are discussing. The Desk … Continue reading

The perspective of time, galaxy formation and Conway’s Game of Life.

It’s commonly known that a fresh perspective on an old topic can bring new insights.  Only recently, though, have I thought about changing the perspective of time as a way to gain these insights. There seems to be an internet phenomenon these days where a piece of music is stretched over an interval much longer … Continue reading

Tao 69

There is a saying that should govern conflicts large and small: “It is better to stay home and be ready for trouble than to go out and start it. It is better to yield an entire foot and avoid losses Than to risk health and happiness in advancing an inch.” This sentiment is often forgotten. … Continue reading

This is important.

There’s a decent chance the largest intelligence agency, the NSA, has been collecting massive amounts of data, and hence information, from nearly every American. “A three-judge federal appeals court grilled government and civil rights lawyers while entertaining arguments here Wednesday concerning dozens of dismissed lawsuits alleging the National Security Agency illegally vacuumed American’s internet traffic … Continue reading