Tao 76

Death to change!

We are born into this word as meek and malleable creatures But when we leave it we are hard, rigid and strong. The flora surrounding us is no different: Fragile, supple and willowy in life, But dried, barren and withered in death. To be hard and unbending is death, To live is to accept change. … Continue reading

Tao 75

Many do not have enough Because a select few have far too much. The people are difficult to control Because there is someone trying to control them. The people are poor and starving So they have little to lose in revolting. The subjugation of the poor naturally leads to the overthrow of the rich. This … Continue reading

Closing the Gap of Inequality

The following speech was made on Saturday, October 22 on the Radhusplads in Copenhagen Denmark. This was one of the many speakers who came out to protest in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York city and around the world. It is plain, simple and well under three minutes. Have a listen. … Continue reading

Tao 74

If people are not afraid of death, Threats do not affect them. If death is common, The executioner’s threats mean very little. Death is inherent to the world, But to play the role of executioner Is to be an unskilled carpenter Whose hand is inevitably cut. All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao … Continue reading

Tao 73

Bold daring results in death Bold caution preserves life. The right choice, according to the Tao of heaven, Is not always clear. Beyond even the wisdom of the Sage. This is because the Tao of heaven overcomes without contending, responds without speaking, attracts without summoning, designs without planning. Heaven casts a wide net. Though the … Continue reading

Tao 72

There is plenty for us to worry about Without worrying each other. Leave people alone. They will find their way. Meddling in their affairs will only tire and frustrate the both of you. Knowledge is best without arrogance. Pride is best without vanity. Take the one, leave the other. All 81 chapters of our version … Continue reading