Networked Society ‘On the Brink’

“There has not been a time… in history that has enabled such rapid change… in the most optimistic view which is also simultaneously the most pessimistic view; a time that is enabling humans to be more of what we are.” Technologist and co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, David Weinberger, expresses this profound idea regarding the … Continue reading

Tao 78

Water is unquestionably soft and yielding, Yet it can carve massive canyons And sweep away entire cities with ease. This is because it does not rise up in solid fragility like the structures of humanity, But flows in low places, fluid and flexible like humanity itself. There is great strength in what seems weak, Great instability … Continue reading

Making sense of Occupy Wall Street

One of the criticisms I often hear regarding the Occupy movements is that it is unclear is to what they’re all about.  To help shed a little light, here’s a terrific interview with author and scholar, Chris Hedges, and Democracy Now host, Amy Goodman.

Tao 77

The way of the universe is a symbiotic flow. As one part pulls, Another part pushes. A part that has excess will lose. A part that is lacking will gain. Presently, society acts against this flow. Where there is abundance, there is power to acquire even more. What is it when excess is freely offered, … Continue reading