Tao 81

Truth is not fancy, and does not need to be. In fact, decorations only hide it from sight. You can’t force people to see truth. Arguing with them will only draw their attention away from it. True wisdom is a loss of misconceptions rather than an accumulation of knowledge. Do not hoard facts and call … Continue reading

Tao 80

Toward a sustainable society: Nations, corporations, and other institutions are kept small. In amassing too much power they become rigid and reckless toward humanity. The evolution of technology continues to augment human abilities, Yet it is understood that technological advances do not necessarily imply solutions to humanity’s struggles. Imperialistic ventures are abandoned, Even as technology … Continue reading

Cats and Evil Spirits: An Apology to Those We Have Disappointed

Over the short life of Nothing Just Is, we have composed and published over 100 posts. In that time, one post in particular has been looked at more than any other content except the home page. This wouldn’t even be worth mentioning but for the fact that it has outperformed all other content to an … Continue reading

What is meditation?

What is meditation? This is a question that isn’t asked often enough, and I mean this quite literally. It is certainly a question that occurs to plenty of people from time to time, they just don’t “ask” it. Many people just assume they already know the answer based on very little, purely superficial information. Someone … Continue reading

Tao 79

There is no perfect resolution to war. This is not good considering the frequency with which war occurs. Therefore, though the Sage keeps a tally in his left hand He does not seek retribution with his right. Those who model Te control the tally. Those who merely speak of Te settle grievances. Heaven’s Tao is … Continue reading