Finally, another chapter in the video translation

Thanks to the generosity of a friend, who donated his voice to our cause, we have put together another short video reading of our translation of the Tao Te Ching. Chapter 6: We need as many voices as we can get, so if you’re interested in being the next disembodied narrator for one of our … Continue reading

“A man must have a code.”

“A man must have a code,” is the quote that guides episode 7 of The Wire, but even before the quote appears on the screen at the end of the credit sequence, the cold open of the episode presents us with one aspect of the phrase’s double meaning. In the case of this first scene, … Continue reading

The Big Business of Being Big Brother

Vikileaks, the twitter phenomenon currently skewering Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews for his clumsy attempts to advocate on behalf of an internet surveillance bill, represents a negligible, if satisfying victory in the battle over privacy and regulation on the internet. For the moment, the Conservative Party of Canada seems to be backing away from … Continue reading

Lend us your voices (and be an internet star)

Over a year ago, we decided it would be interesting to make audio recordings of our translation of the Tao Te Ching and record short videos to accompany them. Our goal was to have a different person read each of the 81 chapters. As you can see from our YouTube Channel, we stalled pathetically after … Continue reading

Peak of the Winnipeg Sun’s Market

When it comes to daily print journalism in Winnipeg, we are limited to two local dailies, the Sun and the Free Press. Neither are particular respectable, though each has their own unique variation on how to practice lazy, dishonest and otherwise lackluster journalism. Despite this reality, I read the Winnipeg Sun almost every day, and … Continue reading