Tom Broadbeck pays own way to friend Ezra Levant’s Freedom Weekend getaway, awkwardly wants to talk to Ezra about friendship during group snow shoe.

We're not at all desperate to prop up our fledgling cable news network.

Ezra Levant’s Sun News Network Freedom Weekend getaway weekend is a real who’s who of the Sun News Network. All the big stars from SNN will be there, and there happens to be a resort in the middle of Ontario’s cottage country, the Muskokas. That’s why, for Winnipeg resident Tom Broadbeck, it was a no … Continue reading

A Lament of a Hockey Fan

I’ve always felt satisfied with hockey as my sport, and it meets all my needs as a sports fan but one. Unfortunately this one is almost a deal-breaker. Sure, I get fleeting tastes now and then, but nothing substantial. Worse, the one thing I miss amidst an otherwise thoroughly noble game is on offer from … Continue reading

Crowdsourcing comes through again

Thanks to yet another generously donated voice, we have put together another video reading of our translation of the Tao Te Ching. Have a peek: The rest of our video readings can be found on our YouTube page. Our text translation is here. We are still desperate for new voices, so if you would like … Continue reading