There comes a moment when the moment has passed

Something comes from something, somewhere, it emerges from a unique milieu, finds itself as itself… and so begins its fade back in to oblivion, or at least perpetual irrelevance, no matter how great the glory or even supposedly transcendental the achievement.

It is as true of Catholicism as it is of Classic Rock, so on the one hand they seem ubiquitous and on the other, as they now exist apart from the moment that made them, they’ll never again completely capture, or be fully realized in, a moment.

The fallacy is that whatever something is never did capture that special something, but expressed it in that moment.

What else is there?

Hahaha. If only the question was rhetorical.

There is also the desperate grasps of things and ways and people and eras, to maintain, or save a moment past its moment, so desperately desperate to hold on to something that doesn’t exist that they want to force everyone else to share in the same delusion.

Somehow it is defining and cannot be saved. So what do we do with the remnants? Privately, they can be savored by those who wish to continue worshiping old times and past moments. Publicly, it’s time to make space for the new.

Here are a few suggestions.

1) When it comes to music, we need to start culling the herd. The only genre I really feel capable of speaking for is rock. As a starting point, can we all agree to listen to BTO’s You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet one last time, and then retire it, like, forever. Nobody needs to hear that song anymore. It was okay but, I mean, there’s so much other music we’ll never hear. Let’s stop with it. It’s sad, I know, but it will actually feel liberating in the end.

Say goodbye to our not so little friends.

We’ll miss them and then immediately we won’t.

If anyone has any other suggestions for songs that need to be retired from circulation, please pitch in.

2) A ten year plan to induct the necessary bands (KISS) and coral their collectibles into the rock and roll hall of fame, and then burn it down. Rock was great. It had terrific moments, it defined a generation, took music to some incredible, unexpected and sublime moments. But enough already. Nobody is going to do any of that again, not with rock’n’roll as the medium. Let’s stop revering it and move on.

10 more years and then...


A fire cleanses all.

3) All mainstream political parties, constitutions,  and political  systems currently in existence in North America (and probably everywhere else I just haven’t done the research) should be abolished.

It’s just a start but hopefully we can make nothing out of something, somewhere, someday.


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