The Horrible Cripple of Toothpick Palace

In a previous post, I halfassedly mentioned the fact that I wrote a novel which is available as an e-book through Amazon. I felt awkward about this post at the time, because it felt a little desperate and self-serving. Since then, however, I’ve simply come to regret that I didn’t go further.

Honestly, if you’re going to attempt to sell yourself, why do it with a sheepish, half mumbled request for attention?

To remedy this regret, I submit the following pitch for my first novel, “The Horrible Cripple of Toothpick Palace.”

Let us begin with the newly minted trailer:

Let’s continue with the synopsis:

Since the first prayer drifted quietly up into the skies, humanity has done business with the gods. The faithful pay for godly protection with prayer and supplication, while the gods live in the skies like benevolent kings. Over time, this agreement has become so firmly entrenched that it is honoured without question.

While humanity and its gods enjoy the stagnant comfort of their respective routines, a hate-filled man is planning a vicious attack on both of them. He skillfully evades the gaze of the gods while amassing worldly influence and power. With the aid of a fortune made through the exploitation of humanity’s greed and vanity, he builds and empire to rival that of the holy protectors in the sky.

In the small town of Luxury Plains — a factory town that unwittingly serves the terrible little man — the citizens are too preoccupied with a heavily publicized military action against an evil that lurks across the ocean to realize that they are to be the fuel in a fire with which he plans to consume the world.

An examination of the perils of blind faith and conformity, “The Horrible Cripple of Toothpick Palace,” follows a world’s descent into unholy chaos when a mere mortal manages to get a bitter stranglehold on the gods through manipulation of their followers.

What happens when the complex systems of faith and power that support modern societies catch fire? Can humanity and their gods survive the attack of a twisted mortal demon who knows every weak point in the foundation that supports the modern world?

I think that’s just about all the salesmanship I have in me right now. Feel free to give it a peek if it interests you.

It is available here, but only in Kindle format. Remember that free programs like Calibre can convert e-book formats so they can be usable for almost any device.

Finally, if you are in dire financial straits, or simply unwilling to pay, e-mail us at . We may be able to put a complementary copy into your hands.


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