“Dope on the damn table.”

The cold open of episode 11 of The Wire picks up almost exactly where episode 10 left off. It is perhaps the first time we see such direct linear continuity between episodes, and there is good reason for this. Whereas episode 10 spent most of its run-time building towards the climactic shooting of Shakima Greggs, … Continue reading

Tao is not a thing: Chapter 4 of our video translation

We’ve just uploaded the next entry in our Video Translation of the Tao Te Ching thanks to another generously donated voice. Have a peek: The rest of our video readings can be found on our YouTube page. Our text translation is here. We are still desperate for new voices, so if you would like to … Continue reading

No Surprise: Corporate media not full of surprises when it comes to investigating the misdeeds of sponsors

The Winnipeg Sun and Peak of the Market are at it again. The Winnipeg Sun and CJOB have both been waging a relentless campaign against the Canadian Wheat Board. And this has been echoed to a lesser extent across the Sun News Network. The arguments against the CWB are predictable and in line with the … Continue reading