The term “reverse racism” is racist.

Lately, white people have been throwing around the term “reverse racism” in reference to the current climate in which white privilege is finally beginning to be acknowledged and addressed openly in pop culture. I’ll leave the larger topic of whether or not white people have a right to be offended when someone confronts them about … Continue reading

GTA Online adds “Mental State” stat to police the un-policeable

Since its launch, the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V has been plagued by bugs and complaints. With each new free update, Rockstar games has tried to fix old problems while introducing enough new content to keep players interested. Today saw the release of a new update called “The High Life.” The update adds … Continue reading

Since when is being a mom not a real job?

On the eve of Mother’s Day, with no warning whatsoever, Instagram deleted my wife’s account because someone reported her for sharing photos of the natural act of breastfeeding (which, importantly, included no nudity). My wife’s Instagram account was an investment of over three years of her life, and represents the space in which she documented … Continue reading