What is Nothing Just Is?

Nothing Just Is:

Nothing just is is an assertion: Nothing is what it is. It is a rejection of a certain sort of simplicity: There is more to something than what it claims to be; and simplistic accepted truths must be subject to the same skepticism as complex conjecture. This is not simple contrarianism so much as it is a guard against the assumption. More precisely, it is a prompt to seek how something came to be understood as it is, and even how something comes to understand itself as it does.

Nothing Just Is:

Nothing just is is, to some degree, an extension of the above in that healthy skepticism should be applied even to seemingly unquestionable institutions such as justice. More specifically, however, it is an additional warning against labels themselves. While even the truth that a label might claim to define is subject to much error, the label itself introduces a possiblility for much misinterpretation and misconception, but also a dogmatic attachment to these mistakes. To return to our example, there is no such thing as justice. Something that claims to be just is nothing of the sort. Nothing that claims to be just is actually just, and just is the sort of thing that stands for itself, not needing the designation of just.

Nothing Just Is:

Nothing just is is an acknowledgment that nothing, emptiness, absence, is a simple fact, an assertion which stands in stark defiance to the first definition. More than the mere acknowledgment of emptiness, however, this statement is in fact what allows the universe as we know to exist. There is no light without darkness, no full without empty, no sound without silence, no thing without nothing. The room is created not by the walls, but by the space between them. So while it is easy to forget amidst all the noisy chaos of somethings, we live in constant contact with nothing. Nothing just is. It is the primary mover.

4 Responses to “What is Nothing Just Is?”
  1. Teapotmonk says:

    Even too, perhaps, the things we don’t say, the tweets intentionally way under 140 characters, the blog posts that under-define, the lips suspended in action – caught in thought. Amongst the endless stream of data, I wonder, if a pause or a space is the new medium?

    • Visakan V says:

      That can work, but the way I see it one has to be made consciously aware of the pause or space- else it is missed, and its value not communicated. The silence between familiar old friends is very different from the silence between indifferent strangers. Value lies not in saying nothing, but it communicating effectively that there is much you could say but choose not to.

  2. And so, it also seems that one of our resolutions for 2012 should be to challenge the simple statement, “It is what it is.”
    Thanks for putting into words this powerful assertion.

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