A Radical Definition of Radical

In Short: Radical — to be radical means to oppose the orthodoxies of the times, be they religious, political, social, institutional, economic, etc.  One is more radical, the more fundamental and total the change for which they agitate. In more detail: Because the meaning of radical has been overdetermined, we have fallen prey to many … Continue reading


In Short: The process of realizing something you believed in (a person, a truth, an idea, an institution, a system of governance, etc) is not true, coming to terms with this, and taking the opportunity to reevaluate what you had believed to be true with the intentions of finding new meaning. In more detail: The … Continue reading


In this day and age, it is hard to look on the term “Patriotism” with anything but distaste. While many would claim that it carries a certain air of community that is naturally appealing, the blindly nationalistic aspects of the word have come to effectively obscure this small beauty. Certainly, loving your fellow humans is … Continue reading

What are the Myriad Creatures?

Depending on what translation of the Tao Te Ching you are first exposed to, you may be confused early on by the term “myriad creatures.” In the three different translations from which we at Nothing Just Is work from, this term appears as: “myriad creatures”, “the ten thousand things”, and “all beings.” The definition of … Continue reading

Another Meaning of God

I was recently reading up on Hinduism (something which I know embarrassingly little about) and stumbled upon some great information that now necessitates a slight addition to the Nothing Just Is definition of God. Given that my understanding of Hinduism was limited to the knowledge that it celebrates many different gods, I was surprised to … Continue reading

A Definition of Anarchism

Anarchism is one of the most consistently misunderstood words in the English language. Even amongst those who would claim it as their guiding philosophy, there is much argument over what it actually is. To put it a little too simplistically, there are two ways of understanding Anarchism. The first — which is by far the … Continue reading