Indicator Indicator

A good friend of ours has just released an album that deserves your attention. Here’s a free sample, in the form of a YouTube video created entirely by commissioning footage through (sounds real nice on headphones): Here’s another great video wherein he grows a glorious beard in four minutes: The self titled EP is … Continue reading

Mos Def (Yasiin) on Hip-Hop

A friend of mine once told me that art, rather than being an end unto itself, is actually a tool that works on the artist, that each work an artist creates shapes them much like a chisel shapes a statue. In this view, the actual work of art can be seen as almost inconsequential once … Continue reading

There comes a moment when the moment has passed

Something comes from something, somewhere, it emerges from a unique milieu, finds itself as itself… and so begins its fade back in to oblivion, or at least perpetual irrelevance, no matter how great the glory or even supposedly transcendental the achievement. It is as true of Catholicism as it is of Classic Rock, so on … Continue reading

The perspective of time, galaxy formation and Conway’s Game of Life.

It’s commonly known that a fresh perspective on an old topic can bring new insights.  Only recently, though, have I thought about changing the perspective of time as a way to gain these insights. There seems to be an internet phenomenon these days where a piece of music is stretched over an interval much longer … Continue reading

Quiet Dog, Bite Hard… (I will sell you Mos Def)

As embarrassing as it is to acknowledge my extreme fondness for Mos Def after Stuff White People Like exposed just how typical such a fondness is in white folk like myself, I would nevertheless like to bellow the virtue of the man, using as my example one of his songs in particular. Embedded below are … Continue reading

Music and Neurons

The embedded video is inspiring for many reasons, most of which will become apparent on viewing. What is so incredible to me is how a musician (Bobby McFerrin) could go to a conference aimed primarily at scientists and blow every mind in the room with such a simple demonstration. I defy anyone to watch it … Continue reading

The Big Picture

I’ve posted a video below of Conor Oberst (of the band Bright Eyes) performing his song The Big Picture. Admittedly, my longtime connection to this song may have something to do with my slightly altered state of mind at the time I first heard it. As such, I can’t expect everyone to have the same … Continue reading