Following back is for fools…

Our nonexistent readership may or may not have noticed that the site hasn’t been updated in months. I can’t speak for the others who post here, but for my part, my absence is due to focusing what little productivity I have on writing another book. (See my stuff here.) While I haven’t been able to … Continue reading

Useless statistic of the day

Today twitter user @Uberfacts tweeted “In 2002, the average user spent 46 minutes on the Internet a day – In 2012, the average user spent 4 hours on the Internet everyday.” It seems like an interesting statistic on the surface, especially given the implication — intentional or otherwise — that the Internet is slowly and … Continue reading

The term “reverse racism” is racist.

Lately, white people have been throwing around the term “reverse racism” in reference to the current climate in which white privilege is finally beginning to be acknowledged and addressed openly in pop culture. I’ll leave the larger topic of whether or not white people have a right to be offended when someone confronts them about … Continue reading

Since when is being a mom not a real job?

On the eve of Mother’s Day, with no warning whatsoever, Instagram deleted my wife’s account because someone reported her for sharing photos of the natural act of breastfeeding (which, importantly, included no nudity). My wife’s Instagram account was an investment of over three years of her life, and represents the space in which she documented … Continue reading

“An historic” makes you look like a tool

I would like to quickly address the habit some people (usually intellectuals) have of saying “an historic” instead of “a historic.” Let me be clear. For the purposes of this post, I am NOT referring to people who use “an historic” in writing (though I could do without that as well), nor am I referring … Continue reading

Mos Def (Yasiin) on Hip-Hop

A friend of mine once told me that art, rather than being an end unto itself, is actually a tool that works on the artist, that each work an artist creates shapes them much like a chisel shapes a statue. In this view, the actual work of art can be seen as almost inconsequential once … Continue reading

The way things should be…

It is a common practice these days to look at the world and the things in it with a sense of disenfranchised self-righteousness. We look at all the violence and the pollution that humanity has wrought over the centuries and make every effort to distance ourselves from these negative aspects of our history. It is … Continue reading

A short and sloppy interpretation of Heart of Darkness

This interpretation of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is meant to be read by those who have already completed the book. Also, none of the interpretations presented here are meant to be taken as gospel. I don’t know what Conrad meant to put into this novel. I can only tell you what I got … Continue reading

There comes a moment when the moment has passed

Something comes from something, somewhere, it emerges from a unique milieu, finds itself as itself… and so begins its fade back in to oblivion, or at least perpetual irrelevance, no matter how great the glory or even supposedly transcendental the achievement. It is as true of Catholicism as it is of Classic Rock, so on … Continue reading

Tom Broadbeck pays own way to friend Ezra Levant’s Freedom Weekend getaway, awkwardly wants to talk to Ezra about friendship during group snow shoe.

We're not at all desperate to prop up our fledgling cable news network.

Ezra Levant’s Sun News Network Freedom Weekend getaway weekend is a real who’s who of the Sun News Network. All the big stars from SNN will be there, and there happens to be a resort in the middle of Ontario’s cottage country, the Muskokas. That’s why, for Winnipeg resident Tom Broadbeck, it was a no … Continue reading