What is the Great Leap Forward?

What is the great leap forward?

In the story of the evolution of humanity, there are many incredible moments in our becoming of what we’ve become and are becoming what we’ll be becoming. One that seems uniquely human occurred about 40,000 years ago. After about 250,000 years, or 16,667 generations of using an almost unchanging tool kit, the story of a plucky, bipedal and marginal mammal suddenly explodes in a creativity that eventually transforms the world. The question, despite its popularity, remains: From where comes this sudden burst, which, since its inception has been a constant source, both to inspire and spoil the human potential.

Perhaps we might find the answer, perhaps hidden in this clouded prehistory of humanity we might pick out the exact conditions for the sponteneous emergence of consciousness, the moment which makes possible the idea of revolutionary change. Perhaps, assuming it exists. Or maybe it has always existed.

This is the problematic represented by the word consciousness. Expressed logically, there seems to be three different theories on the origins of consciousness. The first is that it evolved gradually. The second is it emerged spontaneously. The third is it always existed. As a synthesis, it is also possible that it was gradually or spontaneously discovered.

Anyways, this is supposed to be fun, not heavy. It can be nice just to wonder. There are lots of interesting ways to consider different theories on consciousness, many of which might almost even be considered non-tedious…

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