A Radical Definition of Radical

In Short: Radical — to be radical means to oppose the orthodoxies of the times, be they religious, political, social, institutional, economic, etc.  One is more radical, the more fundamental and total the change for which they agitate. In more detail: Because the meaning of radical has been overdetermined, we have fallen prey to many … Continue reading

Festival Night

Note: These posts are not meant to be plot summaries, but commentaries. While we do not go out of our way to spoil, hints if not spoilers about later chapters and even books are occasionally discussed. We recommend reading this post after you have read the parts we are discussing. Mars has meant many things … Continue reading

Making sense of Occupy Wall Street

One of the criticisms I often hear regarding the Occupy movements is that it is unclear is to what they’re all about.  To help shed a little light, here’s a terrific interview with author and scholar, Chris Hedges, and Democracy Now host, Amy Goodman.

Tao 61

The ideal polity collects where rivers empty at the bottom of the world From this place emanates a powerful stillness: the female. Through stillness the female. Overcomes the ambitions of man. Yet, the female does so by yielding the high place. The path to lasting conquest is yielding. Therefore the large nation yields to the … Continue reading

Tao 59

To live as an example for others and be in accordance with Tao Is to be least invasive, exerting one’s will minimally, without thought of self. This is what it means to be Virtuous. A Virtuous society holds the potential to work out any problem. With time, nothing is impossible. A Virtuous person can guide … Continue reading

Tao 58

The more a government enforces its vision of the country upon its people The less able its people are to be true to themselves. When order is born of force The government has lost its legitimacy. If there is no natural harmony Honesty becomes dishonest, Truth becomes surreal, The good becomes a monstrosity, And the … Continue reading

Tao 53

Following the path of Tao does not require extraordinary intelligence, But be wary of straying from it. To follow the path requires little effort, Yet it is common to be diverted from it. Governance and justice are purchased by a relatively few As the most powerful in society bathe themselves in disproportionate wealth. Poverty, famine … Continue reading

Tao 46

Should Tao ever prevail as a form of governance, Order will emerge as a product of our natural inclinations. So long as Tao does not prevail, Order is premised on coercion. The challenge to Taoist governance is ambition. No greater threat than desire, No greater misfortune than discontent, No greater calamity than wanting and taking … Continue reading

Julian Assange Arrested in London

As the title states:  Julian Assange arrested.  Amy Goodman breaks it down. And from Wired.com:  Why Wikileaks is Good for America.      

Tao 29

By taking control of the universe, would it be improved? The universe is its own and no one can better it. It’s complexity is deep–unimaginable. It cannot be harnessed. Try to manipulate it and it will eventually spoil. Try to keep it and it will eventually slip away. Sometimes tension, sometimes ease; Sometimes sickness, sometimes … Continue reading