The Big Business of Being Big Brother

Vikileaks, the twitter phenomenon currently skewering Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews for his clumsy attempts to advocate on behalf of an internet surveillance bill, represents a negligible, if satisfying victory in the battle over privacy and regulation on the internet. For the moment, the Conservative Party of Canada seems to be backing away from … Continue reading

The Debate over Wikileaks

With the most recent release of documents by Wikileaks, a wealth of cables between American embassies across the globe and the State Department, the limits of freedom of expression within the Western World, and in particular in the USA, are being put to the test. Here is a fairly recent interview with Julian Assange, defending … Continue reading

G20 Brutality and Football

During the protests of the G20 summit in Toronto, this video was captured by a concerned citizen. The video shows a large group of seemingly peaceful protesters singing the Canadian national anthem as a large group of uniformed riot police look on. As soon as the song is finished, the police rush the crowd. If … Continue reading