Death by Halloween

It is the last day of October, a day that used to be your favourite of the year. As a child, you counted down the days to Halloween, thrilled at the prospect of venturing out into the night in a monster’s clothing and returning with a sack stuffed full with candy. As you grew through … Continue reading

I will sell you our translation of the Tao Te Ching

When we first started posting on this site, our primary focus was an ongoing project to translate the Tao Te Ching into our own words. We published 1 chapter a week for 81 weeks, and we like to think we did a pretty good job. This translation can still be found here. Lately, however, our … Continue reading

On The Wire: Thirteen Essays on The Wire, Season 1

Our regular readers, if they exist, will no doubt have noticed that our output has slowed to a trickle of late. While there are many reasons for this, the most significant is that we have been spending a lot of time focusing on releasing several e-books via the Amazon Kindle. While our most exciting project, … Continue reading

One of us wrote a book…

Hopefully this post doesn’t come off as too self serving, but one of the lads involved in posting on Nothing Just Is has just published an e-book available for purchase for Kindle and Kindle-reading apps. Here is the blurb: Since the first prayer drifted quietly up into the skies, humanity has done business with the … Continue reading