The Big Business of Being Big Brother

Vikileaks, the twitter phenomenon currently skewering Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews for his clumsy attempts to advocate on behalf of an internet surveillance bill, represents a negligible, if satisfying victory in the battle over privacy and regulation on the internet. For the moment, the Conservative Party of Canada seems to be backing away from … Continue reading

Tao 80

Toward a sustainable society: Nations, corporations, and other institutions are kept small. In amassing too much power they become rigid and reckless toward humanity. The evolution of technology continues to augment human abilities, Yet it is understood that technological advances do not necessarily imply solutions to humanity’s struggles. Imperialistic ventures are abandoned, Even as technology … Continue reading

Tao 77

The way of the universe is a symbiotic flow. As one part pulls, Another part pushes. A part that has excess will lose. A part that is lacking will gain. Presently, society acts against this flow. Where there is abundance, there is power to acquire even more. What is it when excess is freely offered, … Continue reading

This is important.

There’s a decent chance the largest intelligence agency, the NSA, has been collecting massive amounts of data, and hence information, from nearly every American. “A three-judge federal appeals court grilled government and civil rights lawyers while entertaining arguments here Wednesday concerning dozens of dismissed lawsuits alleging the National Security Agency illegally vacuumed American’s internet traffic … Continue reading

Julian Assange Arrested in London

As the title states:  Julian Assange arrested.  Amy Goodman breaks it down. And from  Why Wikileaks is Good for America.      

A Definition of Anarchism

Anarchism is one of the most consistently misunderstood words in the English language. Even amongst those who would claim it as their guiding philosophy, there is much argument over what it actually is. To put it a little too simplistically, there are two ways of understanding Anarchism. The first — which is by far the … Continue reading