The perspective of time, galaxy formation and Conway’s Game of Life.

It’s commonly known that a fresh perspective on an old topic can bring new insights.  Only recently, though, have I thought about changing the perspective of time as a way to gain these insights. There seems to be an internet phenomenon these days where a piece of music is stretched over an interval much longer … Continue reading

Kevin Kelly and Steven Johnson on where ideas come from.

Despite instances of knowledge being ignored or suppressed, we are a society that wants to appreciate good ideas.  While individual genius is often given credit for monumental changes in understanding, the reality is that novel ideas are born from environments consisting of networks of pre-existing ideas.  From this perspective, it’s no coincidence that like-minded ideas … Continue reading

Us Now

As we tend to mention on this site quite frequently, modern communications are altering our ways of life in a variety of incredible ways. One thing we always try to focus on when we talk about this stuff is how new all this stuff is. In the grand scheme of things, all this wonderful, technological … Continue reading

G20 Brutality and Football

During the protests of the G20 summit in Toronto, this video was captured by a concerned citizen. The video shows a large group of seemingly peaceful protesters singing the Canadian national anthem as a large group of uniformed riot police look on. As soon as the song is finished, the police rush the crowd. If … Continue reading

Long live the king

For the first time in 7 years, Roger Federer will not be in the Wimbledon final. Over this long reign, we have had the fortune of glimpsing the sublime. Is it over? The king metaphor is a really good one actually, for His miraculous display of dominion over an otherwise ordinary green ball is nothing … Continue reading