Tao 70

Lao Tzu’s teachings are clear and easy to live by. Yet few in the world understand or live by them. His words have ancient roots That sprout from disciplined action. So long as these are unknown, So too is the value of Lao Tzu’s teachings. This can make it difficult to discern Who understands Lao … Continue reading

Kevin Kelly and Steven Johnson on where ideas come from.

Despite instances of knowledge being ignored or suppressed, we are a society that wants to appreciate good ideas.  While individual genius is often given credit for monumental changes in understanding, the reality is that novel ideas are born from environments consisting of networks of pre-existing ideas.  From this perspective, it’s no coincidence that like-minded ideas … Continue reading

Science, Religion, and the Over-valuing of Words: A letter to two friends.

By John Dave, the other day you were mentioning how you felt a little uncomfortable with Eckhart Tolle’s term, ‘pain-body’ and it reminded me of my own struggles with Tolle. I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but in the past, I’ve felt the same unease about said term and even occasionally at … Continue reading