Stability born of force is not order… (Video translation of Chapter 3)

As some of you may know, we have a long-term goal to have each of the 81 chapters of our translation of the Tao Te Ching read by a different voice. (If you would like to be one of the voices, follow this link…) This reading was graciously donated by Karen, and features ants carrying … Continue reading

Crowdsourcing comes through again

Thanks to yet another generously donated voice, we have put together another video reading of our translation of the Tao Te Ching. Have a peek: The rest of our video readings can be found on our YouTube page. Our text translation is here. We are still desperate for new voices, so if you would like … Continue reading

Tao 81

Truth is not fancy, and does not need to be. In fact, decorations only hide it from sight. You can’t force people to see truth. Arguing with them will only draw their attention away from it. True wisdom is a loss of misconceptions rather than an accumulation of knowledge. Do not hoard facts and call … Continue reading

Tao 79

There is no perfect resolution to war. This is not good considering the frequency with which war occurs. Therefore, though the Sage keeps a tally in his left hand He does not seek retribution with his right. Those who model Te control the tally. Those who merely speak of Te settle grievances. Heaven’s Tao is … Continue reading

Tao 78

Water is unquestionably soft and yielding, Yet it can carve massive canyons And sweep away entire cities with ease. This is because it does not rise up in solid fragility like the structures of humanity, But flows in low places, fluid and flexible like humanity itself. There is great strength in what seems weak, Great instability … Continue reading

Tao 77

The way of the universe is a symbiotic flow. As one part pulls, Another part pushes. A part that has excess will lose. A part that is lacking will gain. Presently, society acts against this flow. Where there is abundance, there is power to acquire even more. What is it when excess is freely offered, … Continue reading

Tao 75

Many do not have enough Because a select few have far too much. The people are difficult to control Because there is someone trying to control them. The people are poor and starving So they have little to lose in revolting. The subjugation of the poor naturally leads to the overthrow of the rich. This … Continue reading

Tao 72

There is plenty for us to worry about Without worrying each other. Leave people alone. They will find their way. Meddling in their affairs will only tire and frustrate the both of you. Knowledge is best without arrogance. Pride is best without vanity. Take the one, leave the other. All 81 chapters of our version … Continue reading

Tao 71

To be aware of what you do not know is to your benefit. Not to be aware will lead to difficulty. Knowledge of non-knowledge is strength. Be aware of non-knowledge and difficulty will not affect you. All 81 chapters of our version of the Tao Te Ching are available online for free here. If you … Continue reading

Tao 69

There is a saying that should govern conflicts large and small: “It is better to stay home and be ready for trouble than to go out and start it. It is better to yield an entire foot and avoid losses Than to risk health and happiness in advancing an inch.” This sentiment is often forgotten. … Continue reading