Making sense of Occupy Wall Street

One of the criticisms I often hear regarding the Occupy movements is that it is unclear is to what they’re all about.  To help shed a little light, here’s a terrific interview with author and scholar, Chris Hedges, and Democracy Now host, Amy Goodman.

The perspective of time, galaxy formation and Conway’s Game of Life.

It’s commonly known that a fresh perspective on an old topic can bring new insights.  Only recently, though, have I thought about changing the perspective of time as a way to gain these insights. There seems to be an internet phenomenon these days where a piece of music is stretched over an interval much longer … Continue reading

Tao 56

To understand is to experience what words cannot describe. To describe with words is inadequate to understanding. Fill the gaps. Simplify complexity. Moderate extremity. Move toward a state of high entropy. This is ultimate unity. It cannot be surrounded or separated. It cannot be enhanced or hindered. It cannot be lauded or condemned. Ever changing, … Continue reading

How Engineers Learn from Evolution

One of the objectives of The Ever-Blurring Divide is to show examples of a larger trend in which technologies are increasingly being modeled after aspects of nature. At the time of posting, this talk, given by Robert Full, was already several years old and the technologies demonstrated had been replaced by newer generations. Nevertheless, I … Continue reading

Happy New Year: Chapter 2 of our Video tao

Due to the gloriously time-consuming nature of the holiday season, our regular text translation has been postponed until next Sunday. In its place, we submit what we hope is a sufficient alternative. Below is our followup to the fairly unpopular video translation of Tao Chapter 1. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel (subscribe!). … Continue reading

Biology as Computation with Stephen Emmott

If you enjoy thinking about what life is, you’ll enjoy this.

Richard Feynman and our changing understanding of the universe.

I suppose it’s obvious to say, but the thing that makes the universe so interesting is all the unknown.   As our set of human knowledge broadens and becomes more intricate, the leading edges of it’s expanding border are a place of excitement. A while back, I bookmarked a youtube clip of physicist Richard Feynman … Continue reading

Us Now

As we tend to mention on this site quite frequently, modern communications are altering our ways of life in a variety of incredible ways. One thing we always try to focus on when we talk about this stuff is how new all this stuff is. In the grand scheme of things, all this wonderful, technological … Continue reading

The self-organizing system: An example

At a very blatant level, a level of details and specifics and focus, this video is about an innovative new way of education.  At a broader level h0wever, one that is concerned with looking for grand, over-arching patterns, the ideas here give insight into the potential for self-organizing systems. Sugata Mitra shows by example a … Continue reading

We humans are capable of greatness

Beautiful music, stunning photography, and far-sighted wisdom from a hopeful Carl Sagan.  Take a deep breath.  The next 3:10 are worth it.