“An historic” makes you look like a tool

I would like to quickly address the habit some people (usually intellectuals) have of saying “an historic” instead of “a historic.” Let me be clear. For the purposes of this post, I am NOT referring to people who use “an historic” in writing (though I could do without that as well), nor am I referring … Continue reading

How (Not) to Publish Your Novel

Note: The following is a tongue-in-cheek description of my experiences trying to sell a novel. Please don’t take it for more than it’s worth or let it depress you. Congratulations on finishing your first novel. Please take the time savour the initial rush of joy that comes with placing the final period at the end … Continue reading

Be the Cursor: A writing meditation

The goal, if there is one, is to achieve a level of unity between your thoughts and your fingertips wherein you forget that you are typing at all and simply watch your thoughts appear on the screen before you. As you approach this goal, you will find that your thoughts begin to slow down slightly, … Continue reading